Emily Binder


Bio: Hi, I’m Emily Binder. I’m a digital marketing strategist who loves writing – whether it’s ad copy, dry blog posts, or helpful product reviews. I started this blog in 2010 as a way to share thoughts and information about marketing and technology. Now I mostly reappear when I notice something that warrants comment, research, or squinty eye.

In this age of every rockstar putting “attention to detail” on their resume with typos on the next line, I keep my English like I eat my broccoli: organic. Unadulterated.

I was born and raised in Chicago and attended the University of Michigan, where I studied psychology and communications. After the winter I moved south and got into marketing. I like playing chess, taking the stairs, and baking in jars (I opened my Etsy shop, Adore A Jar Bakery, in 2009 before we talked about artisanal makers). Opinions here are my own.

Podcast: I cohosted The Digital Dive Podcast, which covered digital marketing, social media, technology, and apps. Listen or subscribe in iTunes or search for The Digital Dive Podcast on Stitcher.

While the DDP is on permanent hiatus, I am open to guest hosting on other podcasts and I will be launching a career advice YouTube channel soon.
Have an idea? @emilybinder