Lucky Charms: Wireless Power to Fly

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Lucky Charms is a favorite cereal of mine. It’s the white version of Count Chocula (my true favorite cereal). Count Chocula was one of General Mills’ monster-themed breakfast cereals (first released in 1971 with the strawberry-flavored Franken Berry). Chocula is difficult to find nowadays, especially outside of the Halloween season. I still enjoy my Lucky Charms, though. (“Gotta have my Pops Charms!”) The last supply of sugared oats and marbits that I purchased had a wonderful kids back-of-the-box activity:

Lucky Charms cereal box emilybinder.comThe Power to Fly activity:

Here’s How!

Fold the book at line A to make the launch ramp that will send your star marbit on its way. Flicking your star is allowed to see how many times you can follow Lucky through the cloud.

In this digital age, Lucky the Leprechaun believes he can entertain kids by asking them to cut out a piece of cardboard from a Lucky Charms cereal box, fold it, and flick it into the hole in the box.

To gain the Power to Fly, kids do not need their parents’ permission to access some promotional URL. They need not dig through the lightly sweetened  for a compact disc which must be inserted into a computer. All they have to do it cut and flick. It is so refreshing.  (Note: does have an online game, but that is necessary for this brand with its demographic and competition. I have no qualms.)

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7 Etsy Seller Tips

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Trying to start an Etsy shop? Check out my Take 2 Digital post- 7 Etsy Seller Tips

Etsy Handmade

Baking for a Cause- Oil Spill, Equal Rights

Southern Pecan Pralines by Adore a Jar Bakery

Baking for a Cause- Oil Spill, Equal Rights

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I’m taking troubling current events and spinning them into baking for a cause. In the news: oil spill and opposition to equal rights –> In my corner of the world: selling beige and purple candy to donate money to charities working on these problems.

1. My all-time best seller- Oil Spill Pecan Pralines

Oil Spill Relief Fund Southern Pecan Pralines by Adore a Jar Bakery on Etsy

Oil Spill Relief Fund Southern Pecan Pralines by Adore a Jar Bakery on Etsy

2. New addition to the charity candy list:

Gay Pride Purple Celebration Chocolate Bark Candy Support LGBTQ

Gay Pride Purple Celebration Chocolate Bark Candy- Colorful n' YUMMY 8oz. Support LGBTQ by Adore a Jar Bakery on Etsy

What’s eating you in the news? Do you have another idea for a charity candy I can make? Comment and I’ll give it a whirl (within reason). And if it was your idea, you’ll get free candy, of course!


Cashew Poppy Seed Cookies Recipe


I tried three new cookie and muffin recipes for a party I had Friday. Here’s a buttery one for those Earl Grey afternoons (apologies, pix not uploaded yet):

Poppy Seed Cashew Cookies

1 cup butter

scant 3/4 cup superfine sugar

1 egg yolk, lightly beaten

2-1/2 cups flour

pinch of salt

1 tsp. cinamon

1/2 cup chopped cashews

2-3 Tbsp poppy seeds

Pre-prep: Let the butter sit at room temp for a good hour before you start.

1. Cream the butter and sifted sugar in a large mixing bowl.

2. Add egg yolk and beat til mixed.

3. In separate medium bowl, sift together the flour, salt, cinnamon, and cashews.

4. Spread the sesame seeds on a dry, flat surface like a cutting board.

5. Combine the wets and dries. Mix the batter with wooden spoon and/or by hand until doughy ball forms. Roll this ball into two logs. Roll the logs in the sesame seeds to coat the outsides evenly, and wrap in plastic wrap.

6. Refrigerate 30-60min.

7. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.  Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray.

8. Slice the logs into 3/4 inch thick slices and bake these about 10-12min.

9. Remove from oven when lightly golden brown and let cookies cool on a wire rack (transfer them over gently with a metal spatula to prevent breakage).

A friend attended my loftwarming party where I served these and pleasantly surprised me with these gorgeous baking gifts. She is a true Southern Lady of simply inspiring party etiquette- hats off to Miss. J.L.:

1. Sustainable casserole dish:

Chantal Make and Take Casserole DishThe Chantal 1¾ Qt. Casserole Dish & Lid pairs the eco-friendly beauty of the Pure by Chantal collection with the convenience of spill-proof, stay-put lids for truly portable green living. Ceramic lids eliminate the need for plastic wrap or foil, reducing waste, and feature BPA-free silicone gaskets to seal in freshness. You can write on the lid or any of the glazed areas with a permanent marker for parties or potlucks – the ink won’t transfer to your hands or other surfaces, but will wash off easily in warm, soapy water.

You can write on it in permanent marker and wash  it with warm soapy water. Easy for marking recipes or dates of contents. Green because you store leftovers in the same vessel in which you bake- minimizes using more tupperware (to wash) or plastic wrap (to trash).  Love it!

2. Brown Sugar BearBrown Sugar Bear

I can’t believe I never had one. It prevents clumping in your brown sugar. Awesome! This makes a perfect small gift for any cook/baker. Score!

SOS- Save Our Shores

SOS- Save Our Shores


Today I stumbled onto an Etsy seller, Gypsy Charms Jewelry, via the Greater New Orleans Foundation website.  She has listed an SOS necklace with the proceeds from the sale of this necklace going to The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.  It’s a lovely necklace and I applaud this seller and all the other Etsyers supporting the oil spill relief effort.  I was so inspired that I listed my popular Southern Pecan Pralines as another item with proceeds donated to the relief fund.  And then I was feeling gung ho and created a Gulf Oil Spill Relief Treasury.  Check it out! Includes a keychain from a favorite seller, RiskyBeads.

Gulf Oil Spill Relief Treasury by Adore a Jar Bakery

Proceeds from all these handpicked items go to help oil spill relief funds.

IOil Spill Shrimpnstead of Mother Teresacomplaining about the sublime ineptitude of BP and the unfathomable, astronomical damage this spill is causing each day, I will attempt to heed the words of Mother Teresa as per The Secret and the Law of Attraction: “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”  Yes, let’s all try to attract positive energy and not marinate in this catastrophe which affects many things including… (since I must relate my rant to food for this blog) the seafood industry! I don’t want crude in my shrimp gumbo! According to the NY Times Diners Journal blog, many are worried about the havoc on our seafood…


Etsy Treasuries

KnitsYoursKnotMine Etsy icon


Recently, three lovely Etsy treasuries have included me.

All of them chose my Southern Pecan Pralines.

Corky Crafts   etsy icon

Corky Crafts

Thank you again to Corky Crafts and KnitsYoursKnotMine (unfortunately treasuries expire, so these ones aren’t viewable anymore).

Kudos to you on some skilled hand-picking of theme items!  Current treasury featuring Adore a Jar Bakery:

1. SwSweetDelaney  Etsy Iconeet Tea, Spanish Moss, and Steamy Nights- Curator: Sweet Delaney

Sweet Tea, Spanish Moss Etsy Treasury Screenshot

Readers: Do check out these Etsy treasuries, and if you have an idea for a treasury of your own, go ahead and create one on Etsy!  You may have Favoritized several items that fit under one theme- for example, your favorite color, tree-related knick knacks, or summertime handmade items… you name it.  Go for it!  It’s a great way to contribute to the community and boost visibility of sellers you like.


Etsy Sellers on


Thank you to Fridah at for featuring Adore a Jar Bakery this week!AAJB icon

Two other great shops featured at Craftcount:

Here is the most eyeRisky Beads  Etsy Shop Icon icon and an excellent shop.  Lori offers beads of all kinds, and nursing necklaces, too.  Check out the graphics on her icon!:

Clip Art for  Crafters Icon

<—-And this gal at Piddix on Etsy has a pinup (she wins in my book) and neat Scrabble pieces (I love Scrabble).

Recipes: Real Orange Frosting and Light Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Recipes: Real Orange Frosting and Light Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

I've always loved the combo of orange and dark chocolate (remember the retired Baskin Robbins ice cream flavor?) so I created a special edition Real Orange Frosting to compliment my Chocolate Tennessee Whiskey Cake.

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