Racist Flea Market

April 29, 2010 |  by  |  America, Atlanta, Race, The South  |  No Comments

Last week, after a delivery in North Atlanta, I was driving down Clairmont.  In my periphery I peeped a dilapidated, unmarked flea market.  The wooden black rectangular block signs’ white lettering read “FLEA MARKET SCAVENGER HUNT ANTIQUES.”  Later I found out the store is called Scavenger Hunt; I thought it just had a flea market, a scavenger hunt, and an antique store inside. You know those places that have a haunted house and a dime store and a bowling alley and each is up and running at different times of the year and one creepy semi-retarded old man runs it?

Atlanta’s Scavenger Hunt flea market.  In Dekalb County, so not downtown or anything.  Definitely nowhere near Underground!  We had never heard of it.  The clientele included a giant red 1982 Ford pickup of seven landscapers mid-leap, eager to survey the shadeless lamps, chipped rocking chairs, and neon Bud Light signs.  Old ladies in mumus picked through some Coca Cola merchandise.

I meandered through the outdoor hodge podge of old mattresses, broken wicker plant stands, and three-legged chairs.  At the front door, these old tin signs horizontally displayed atop various shelves greeted me:


I was slightly dumbfounded…

What are your thoughts on antique markets that sell these images?  Do these images offend you?  Is the question akin to questioning the propriety of celebrating the Confederate Flag?