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Exaggerated Growth of Google Plus

The marketing world seems less enamored with Google+ now than during the weeks surrounding Chris Brogan’s paid (stupidly controversial) tutorial. That should not be disheartening. I am rooting for Google+ because it is worlds better than Facebook for users and for the Internet at large. But if it continues to be used primarily by the social marketing niche, that might be just fine. At present, compared to Facebook, Google+ is not ideal for businesses. We keep wanting to encourage the whole world to shift over or doubly occupy the two platforms. It’s a matter of convenience or social media compulsion when we ask our Facebook-addicted friends to hangout in a Hangout, to remove their FB syringes.
Facebook addiction syringe
One of the strongest Google+ features is the easy-to-find quality content. The level of interaction and exchange is unparalleled. It has search (Facebook is out) and it’s connected to Google apps and profiles (Quora is out). Continue reading Exaggerated Growth of Google Plus